“D’ailleurs” – Les rencontres de Lure, 2020 online edition

J'ai donné pour les Rencontres de Lure une petite présentation en ligne. J'y parle du design des lettres arabes dans le cadre de typos multi scripts. Et notamment des interprétations erronées courantes des lettres. Rendez-vous ici le lundi 24 à 15h. Le contenu du site restera accessible en ligne.

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Ladies of Letters series, conversation with Azza Alameddine

This Saturday the 25th of July 2020, I will be discussing Arabic type design with the great Azza Alameddine. I will take over typelab_auc igtv and host the conversation from there. Kick off is at 8pm Cairo + Paris time, 7pm London time. Type Lab is a fantastic initiative by Bahia Shehab, you can read more about it here. This month of July has been dedicated to Ladies of Letters series and I'm honoured to be part of it. Check out their Instagram feed, stories and igtv archives. The very cool lettering on the flyer has been designed by Sarah Shebl.


Alphacrit special Arabic type coming up on June 19, 2020

I will be giving feedback on Arabic type work in progress together with Sahar Afshar on June Friday 19, 2020. The session will be live on Zoom. More infos here. See you there! Alphacrit is organised by Alphabettes.


Navigating feedback in type design

It was an honour to be a guest jury for the BA 2 Visual Communication students during Celebration Week at the CASS, London. I got to give a talk on the notion of Feedback and its relevance in my field.


Type Modification workshop at the CASS, London

Recently I ran a type modification workshop at the CASS with the BA 2 Visual Communication students. First I got to show my work and recent projects, from my corporate to independent career. Then I introduced the process of type design. For the purpose of the workshop, I selected a set of design parameters for the students to explore and play with. The goal was to give "neutral" sans serif geometric letterforms quirk and personality.


A workshop with Khaat Foundation at Tashkeel, Dubai

This was my first time in Dubai and my first time at Tashkeel.
Huda Abi Farès invited me to run with her an Arabic type design workshop for beginner. At first we had a full day to introduce the Arabic script and type. Huda gave a thorough historical lecture then I talked about the design of Arabic fonts. The day continued with a series of exercises. After that we met the attendees every evening for 5 days. Meanwhile next door Khajag Apelian was teaching the advanced group.


Arabic type design workshop in Amman

During Amman Design Week 2019 I gave a workshop on Arabic type design at MMAG, a beautiful place dedicated to contemporary art. After an introduction on the Arabic script and my work; I proposed a series of exercises to understand the modularity of the Arabic script. Then we started playing with type parameters. After that, the attendees decided together on the brief for their design. This was the first time I proposed a group to work collectively on a typeface. Each participant was responsible for a set of a few letters and has to work with others for common parts.


Latin letters made in Armenia, workshop at Tumo center in Yerevan

Together with Riccardo De Franceschi, we ran a digital lettering workshop at Tumo center in Yerevan, Armenia! We wrote a detailed article for Typographica blog. You can head here to read it. Below the work of Ellen Demirian.


A poster for Jazz + Ink exhibition

I designed a poster for the Jazz + Ink exhibition in Beirut. It's the Jazz song Summertime in Arabic letters. I was invited together with a great bunch of designers and artists by Yara Khoury and Khajag Apelian. There are many versions of this song that I love. The one I listened to when designing the letters is the recording by Billie Holiday, 1936.


My talk at IsType conference

IsType conference 2019 edition was on Axis. I presented Gravitating Around, a reflexion on my practice over the last 10 years. You can watch it here


Type workshop at Tumo Paris

A Tumo center just opened in Paris and I ran one of the first Learning Lab. The workshop focus was on how to draw letters, from analogue to digital. Below the work of Pheerada To Che.