showcase of design in progress Elixir font Naima Ben Ayed

La Contraste Horizontale is a trilingual display typeface covering Tifinagh Arabic and Latin scripts. It is part of a super family co-designed with Redouan Chetuan. Originally born on a sketchbook in Marrakech during Typographic matchmaking in the Maghreb curated by Huda AbiFarès from the Khatt foundation; assistant curator: Brahim Boucheikha. La Contraste is the encounter of the non-conformisme of the Maghrebi script, the possibilities of Tifinagh type and hybrid Arabic/Latin letterforms from Andalusia. La Contraste is proudly North African and unapologetically high contrast.Available to test and buy at Future Fonts. La Contraste Horizontale in use here. Below is a photo collage of the making off by Jan de Bruin.